How to use Medical Diagnostic Software?

  • Start your computer.
  • Open Website
  • The Website will open -Displaying 3 Thumbnails (icons)
    • general information)
    • Medisoft.(general information with general cases)
    • Software Interactivity : Please click at Software Interactivity to start working.

Login : by entering User Id and Password Then Click on SOFTWARE INTERACTIVITY disclaimer page will open (on its agreement the interactive field will open) Then

  • Enter Patient's complaints using equivalent medical terminology keywords in top slot.
  • Click on Go Button : related to keyword all relevant information will open up in middle slot.
  • Click at most appropriate Data Parameters out of all the projected paramenters list in middle slot.
    (there are two Arrows underneath the middle slot).
  • Click at the right arrow for shifting the selected parameters from the middle slot to the bottom slot. (left arrow is for deselecting/reversing parameters entry from middle box)
  • Repeat the process for dealing the patient's complaints one by one- so as to complete the patients presentations. [Note : Please extract the accurate information from the patient and interpret carefully in terms of medical terminology to get right diagnosis.]
  • The bottom slot has all the selected parameters.

Click at diagnose Button, the list of possible diseases/diagnosis will appear in the grid.

Then user shall be able to select any disease most pertiment to the pertinents to the patients disgnosis and could study each disease parameters/investigations/differentials/negating statements/danger traps etc through disease study -- helpful in arriving at diagnosis.

Requirements :

  • Computer.
  • Internet browser.
  • Internet connection.
  • Software authroization.
  • Tablets,IPod,Mobile,IPhone.

Medical Utilities

Minimizing errors in decision making through objectivity & interactivity- running across millions of permutations /combinations of disease parameters - of global occurrence.

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