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immunological Concept / Postulates of Auto(self) vaccines , utilizations being ultraunique, origional , new , versatile , unharnessed in its total content , extent and methodology : being costless , drug-less and effective , when one utilizes one's own immunogens as drawn in one's own blood sample -and injected into his own TISSUE PHASE ( house of antibody's immunne responses ) , so asto get the benefit from it - for generation of immunogenic antibodies / anti- idiotype -antibodies , which can be as ameliorative or curative for treatment of autoimmune diseases spectrum ; where causative immunogens / antibodies are producing these diseases.Perhaps a great hope for future for Autoimmune diseases / HIV , Cancers etc.Why resort to animal source antibodies which are cumbersome and costly to obtain , with even riddled with problems of acceptibility ?

Extraneous source vaccines era was first initiated by Edward Anthony Jenner of of England , with inocculation of Cowpox pustule fluid in a boy 1n 1798 : the idea was initiated on the assumption that the milkmaid who was exposed to cowpox lesions in cow did not suffer from small pox . There was lot of conflict and confrontations against Edward Jenner for this act of inocculation for being unethical for long time ,though he was later awarded and later on is designated as father of concept and Medicine.

Immunizations till date are all about use of some foreign material , extraneous to the body FOR USE IN IMMUNIZATION PROCEDURES so as to derive the advantage , may it be Polio , BCG or any other vaccine.It was never ever thought /postulated that self contained Antigens / idiotype Antibodies/ and such Immunogens could be utilized as a vaccine , as a curative or ameliorative in ones own autoimmune diseases / Allergic Disorders.

The concept of AUTO(SELF) VACCINES ; is cited no where , which is about utilizing ones own immunogens ( Antigens/Idiotype Antibodies with Specific Epitope/Epitopes) which are causing autoimmune diseases : are picked up in a blood sample : as Autovaccine material : which have the potential to stimulate the generation of monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies , granting active immunological protection : against autoimmune disease as is clinically proven in cases under study .

autoimmune diseases immunogens / or antibodies - glycoproteins ; can behave like antigen (immunogen) if injected into a correct host ( Niels Jerne ) : Idiotypes (Ids) capable of Generating Anti-Ids ; when antibody as picked up from 'Circulation Phase' of a patient , is injected in the 'Tissue phase' -as pulsed into muscle containg myoglobulin.The 'Tissue Phase is real house of antigenic (Immunogens) processing medium and of Antibody / Anti-Ids generations : where the immunocytes - consisting of haemopoeitic stem cells of circulation , lymphocytes B cells - B cells being sensitized and cloned - converting to plasma cells , other immunocytes being monocytes , dendritic ells , macrophages . The specific Anti-antibodies (anti-Ids) thus generated through their interactions with immunogens ; and immunocytes interactions themselves and through lymphoid system participations - Antibodies finally enter the circulation - Such anti - Ids have been of proven utility for the body organism as ameliorative or curative for autoimmune diseases or allergic disorders . There study being ethical with no foreign material being used and undetaken with patients acceptance / adoptions and even they had offered recommendatory note in appreciation of relief or cures granted through the therapy.No side effects were reported or observed in many years follow-up: say during > 15 yrs in cases under study.

1:- The sample study was extended to advanced / established case of SLE Lady patient - who was tired of the disease and suffered utter failure of allopathic standard treatments ; that too through pioneer institute of the country and had hefty file with her ; She accepted the therapy of autohaemotherapy - Auto-Vaccine : containing causative immunogenic antibodies , and had a course of 20 injections ( incrementally starting from 2 ml ) spread over 2-3 months.; she had a dramatic relief and resultant near total cure.Her follow up of > 15 yrs ; has been been a wonderful and heartenig experience , very limitedly she would get her (anti-DNA ) antibodies tests done -from time to time for minor upsets ; but mostly remained negative ; for occasional minor spurt -she would get a shot of her own blood and settling well..She is ever so grateful and happily living and had gone through a successful pregnancy afterwards as well. Being grateful she has documented a comprehensive note ; for information of patients like herself.

2:- Second patient was a male 67 yrs of age , suffering from long drawn Parkinsonism ; since 12-13 yrs ; when allopathic specialist treatment journey was unsatisfactory ; his Engineer son consulted for his alternative treatment ; and he accepted Auto-Vaccine course with great benefit .and supported the use of auto-vaccine technique - such a procedure can be useful where culprit immunogen immunogenic protein like synnuclein. Synnuclein could cause synatic blockade or irritative phenomenon ; thinking that such an immunogen could be picked up in a blood sample - could be used as Auto-Vaccine -for generation of antibodies for mopping up of the causative Immunogen.The patient who required to be supported to bathroom by 2 persons - at the completion of his own self arranged injections as advised ; he had a great recovery of his disabilities and started going out at his own ; even could bring groceries from the market place..His geneneral condition showed all round improvement / improved eating /improved mental functions.Such were ameliorative / curative benefits of using such a therapy. .His son made and emphatic statement and dictated a note to that effect -about the exceptional benefit.

3:- Third case was of Severe Broncheal Asthma : since childhood ; who was continuously been treated on standard allopathic lines.His problem was consistently worse with seasonal change , he was fed up with excessive medications and hospital admissions ; he opted for autohaemotherapy ; as autovaccine ; his condition consistently improved ; he comes for seasonal shots of his own blood and remains pretty comfortable with minimal of medications ; his follow up is of nearly 15 yrs after initiation of this therapy.

4 :- Fourth case is no less interesting : This lady patient- MSc in Chemistry and a Govt college Lecturar : her father in law being retired Civil Surgeon : She had severe ATOPIC DERMATITIS for many years ; with associated Asthmatic episodes and Allergic rhinitis ; continued itching for most of times of the year -Allopathic treatments were of a limited relief ; she and her doctor father in law opted for her : her own Blood (Auto-Vaccine) injections : 18 injections of her own blood in a planned manner granted her extreme degree of relief and satisfation ; her mental irritable behaviour dramaticcally improved - i.e mental irritation was gone; they are thankful for such a therapy.They have offerred a recommendatory note for the benefit of many more patients.Her problems were long drawn for > 12 yrs.

5:- Fifth patient has been a lady medical helper of 38 yrs of age ; who had severe ALLERGIC RHINITIS ; which would keep her awake in the night with running nose -sneezing and conjunctival irritation , continuously for more than 3 yrs , she had a little relief with routine allopathic treatments . then she learnt about and opted for autohaemotherapy as autovaccine , she started getting relief after 7-8 injection of her own blood,and continued for another 12 injections . Now she is symptom free and been able to sleep well . Worthy of note she arranged her own injections herself.Grateful patient has given note for her consistent relief and cure.

6:- Sixth patient was a lady doctor : who was attended by a medical colleague and had advised her about use of her own blood injections ; as auto-vaccine for her ULCERATIVE COLITIS ; She was explained the genesis of genesis of such a therapy ; who got consistent relief for her annoying illness.As per principle of immunizations - 'LIKE immunogens - LIKE antibodies mopping up immunogens.The beauty of whole process being : that one does not need to get chemistry of culprit Causative immunogenic factors analysed ;- as the immune system of humans being very versatile , self analytical for tailoring the the responses perfectly matching the causative / or even undefined immunogens.Which are picked up in blood sample and used as auto-vaccine- which prove to be ameliorative / curative.Immune system . Immune System recognizes 'SELF' ; and generates appropriate protective responses . Critical analysis of the caustive immunogens can be very cumbersome and costly affair ; The Immunization principles appear to be certain and reassuring .Still analytical studies : if available and conducted could reveal some extra information of utility for future options - which may be undertaken as a research project / or may be ignored if untannable for use of humanity.

Future Course of Action :

The Auto -Vaccine Therapy has been consistently of clinical advantage under short study ; but of Definite validity and could be further tried in very many more autoimmune diseases-when the study was totally harmless or without adverse effects . Autoimmune diseases consisting of wide spectrum- have Uncertainty OF outcomes of treatments, their care and cure being far from satisfactory -as cited in immunology text.The animal source antibodies are very difficult to develop -being costly and responses are erratic and are associated with severe reactions like HAMA . INSTITUTIONS can take up further analytical project in service of humanity . Scope of such a therapy could be extended to many more known autoimmune conditions When the spectrum of autoimmune diseases extends to about 150..Hardly there are any contraindications for such a therapy except for limited provisios and precautions of general nature.


HIV Viron has complex immunogens : P24 , gp 160 , gp 120. gp 24 . Antibodies against P24 (core protein) appear at the earliest which tend to contain the infection as in asymptomatic stage, which may extend even upto 2-10 yrs . That is indicative of body's immune response -as effective in cotrolling or containing infection , and CD count remaining normal 1000-2000 / cmm. Falling P24 ANTIBODIES levels and rising p24 antigen level is indicative of spreading infection - alongwith falling CD count - and further IgM , later IgG starts rising against other immunogenic determinants of HIV . It may be worthwhile for the institutions try giving a fair trial of auto-vaccine therapy - at very early stage; utilizing p24 viron immunogens in circulation - as contained in blood sample of the patient himself-for boosting pertinent immunity which could be protective / ameliorative / curative ; taken up in right earnest , before the infection takes hold and paralyses the immune system.

CANCER IMMUNOLOGY NOTE-.Antigens are traceable in circulation of the patient and cancer antibodies are detectable too, supporting the genesis of immunological responses to the cancer proteins . Times magazine dated April 23 , 2007 Medicine pointing "Disease is the Remedy" by Lisa abend /Pamplona : had the approval that the brain cancer proteins vaccine of the patient had extended the period of brain tumour reoccurence . Even the immunologists (Text Donald M Weir p281 having described -providential cures of disseminated cancers - which could have related to immunological phenomenon . If such a belief is carried further - boosting immunological competence as proven through above said cases ; it is worthwhile trying the cited methodology.

Diabetes Mellitus IMMUNOLOGY NOTE : Diabetes Mellitus with pancreatic beta cells antibodies / insulin antibodies / insulin receptor antibodies : can contribute to Diabetes Mellitus genesis as well ; picking up such antibodies - which can be considered as immunogens ; and can behave like immunogenic / antigenic material -when injected in the host himself - would generate Anti-Ids - as per principle ( Niels Jerne ) and could be ameliorative / curative ; (further substantiations and approvals needed)

Autoimmune Hepatitis -Immunology Note

Where exact causative pathogenic immunogens are not very certain , immunogens / antibodies cause inflammatory changes ; which could be picked up through a blood sample and used as an auto-vaccine -and injected into the tissue phase -likely to mount neutralizing antibodies against causative antigens/antibodies - to be ameliorative or of curative value.What so ever cannot be substantiated in our labs ; immune system has immense sensitivity of analyzing and generating antibodies of specific protective nature.

GRAFT REJECTION : IMMUNOLOGICAL MANOEUVRING OPTIONS With organs Transplant methodology catching up - graft rejections being an immunological phenomenon and remains headache of the patients and professionals - inspite of immunosuppressives use-which are toxic / costlier / and even dangerous at times.ANTI-IDIOTYPES generations could possibly avert delayed rejections.

AGE-ING Remains a grave concerns : Which may be related to Anti-beta glycoprotein antibody (Ray walford et al 1969 1974 1978) ; auto(self) vaccine and auto-generation of Anti-idiotypic antibodies ; could be helpful in premature age-ing and in presence of the antibody. Needs substantiating through meaninful hypothesis.

AGE-ING Remains a grave concerns : Which may be related to Anti-beta glycoprotein antibody (Ray walford et al 1969 1974 1978) ; auto(self) vaccine and auto-generation of Anti-idiotypic antibodies ; could be helpful in premature age-ing and in presence of the antibody. Needs substantiating through meaninful hypothesis.

ALZHEIMERS DISEASE : Abnormal protein 'Tau' which transports chemical into brain cell -ultimately developing a protein -beta amyloid - causative factor ; George Grossberg - a professor at LOUIS UNIVERSITY - said impressive shall be discovery of drug or vaccine that halted the disease just in time.Auto vaccine hypothesis could be given a fair trial like the the sucess as achieved in Parkinson disease through this process

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