Medical Utilities

  • General Practitioners ( GP).
  • Medical Specialist for Interspeciality interface.
  • Medical Super Specialist for Interspeciality interface.
  • Medical Internists
  • Medical Students (An Instrument of Medical IT for learning, Refreshing & Revising medical fundamentals.)
  • The use and utility of Medical ICT has been emphatically endorsed by WHO,OECD Countries,Western World and is the need of the hour for the underdeveloped and developing world.

NOTE : Much desired benefits could only be achieve by positive attitude for utilization of such a piece of medical information technology which can provide support: where mind and memory fail or falter at a point of time because of limitation of human memory capacity or lacunae of knowledge.It is submitted that the knowledge databases and interactive support system be utilised coupled with the professional learing,Professional human intelligence and investigative support so as to avoid any error or lapses.The Creators and promoters of the software do not undertake the any responsiblity or any other legal implication as a result of adverse outcomes through the use by learned professionaly(Disclaimer).

Medical Utilities

Minimizing errors in decision making through objectivity & interactivity- running across millions of permutations /combinations of disease parameters - of global occurrence.

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