This Software is Based on Medical Knowledge Which is compilation of : Clinical Parameters /Investigative features. So that the interactivity could be achieved through the keyword pertinent to patients complaints, the professional user of DCCMS has to select keywords from the patients complaints and offer it to database and select equavalent parameters form the compiled database and save it in the designated box and repeat this exercise till all the patients complaints are dealt with or even the any other information of the patient in the form of investigations can be similarly dealt with. This challenge is saved and offered to database, which brings forth the whole lot of connected possible diagnoses in a prioritized manner and the user can select any disease entity and ask for pertinent investigation as shown in the exhibits, other features can also be seen in the exhibits.

Please Note : The data has been planned / mined / refined and defined in such a manner so that the interactivity for data selection and deployment becomes very user friendly.

Medical Utilities

Minimizing errors in decision making through objectivity & interactivity- running across millions of permutations /combinations of disease parameters - of global occurrence.

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