Medical Errors : A Common Problem: Medical Databases have grown phenomenally and it is humanly impossible to fruitfully utilize availible medical knowledge through mind and memory applications alone with- perfection. It is time to get serious about the clinical errors as pointed out in BMJ,saying that NHS is serious to counteract a loss of 5 million bed days/year at an extra cost of 2 Billion pounds/and more then 4 billion pounds loss in Australia annually, resulting from Delays and error in clinical diagnosis, and subsequent Delayed Clearance of Hospital Beds (BMJ South Asian Edition) Vol17 No. 4, June 2001.Data Projections of 1,00,000 patients dyeing due to error in diagnosis in USA (Press pass) : Doctors' fatal errors as published in the news papers rasing a concern about clinical lapses (London study as appeared in- Tribune India - ANI) 30, June, 2004.

"Science-Knowledge-Intelligence: Pillars of Clinical Perfected Performance"

Root Causes

  • Limited inherent human memory capacity which cannot be stretched beyond a limit especially when the data is limitless.
  • There is lot of variability of knowledge acquisitions and levels of qualification attainments which can contribute to clinical errors.
  • The data of multitude of specialties has grown phenomenally in present time which cannot be retained in mind and memory; hence the necessity of deployment of computerization options.
  • Limitation of availability of knowledge at the point of time.
  • Segmentalised medical knowledge : into specialties / sub-specialties has diluted the inter specialty interface resulting in porblems of grappleablity .The millions of permutations/combinations can pose the problems in the way of perfected performance too.

"Digital Divide: A Deterrant"
"Know Do Gaps: Major Hurdle"


DCCMS : It is a multi-specilaity interactive clinical diagnoses support system : providing comprehensive coverage of diseases in global perspective for prioritized decision making with spontaneity : running across sea of knowledge database : which can not be grappled with human mind and memory alone. Breakthrough in decision making based on documentation rather than perceptional decision making (which can be flawful) DCCMS.. Can prove saviour of human resources/ lives and precious time of busy professionals. An Instrument of medical IT for learning and Teaching Methodologies in this Computer Era.

"Where Mind And Memory Fails"
"ICT Works" Utilizable: World-Over

Medical Utilities

Minimizing errors in decision making through objectivity & interactivity- running across millions of permutations /combinations of disease parameters - of global occurrence.

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