(Diagnostic Clinical Compendium and Medical Software) (Indian Patent Winner)

Diagnostic Support System :Covering global diseases , Providing interactivity through a single platform with spontaneity. When millions of disease parameters permutations and combinations can not be tackled with 'Human Mind and Memory' alone. This software will provide inter specialty interface which is impossible to achieve without such a versatile Support System .

Otherwise Millions of Imperceptible killer errors will evade timely detection and adversely effect clinical decisions making, jeopardizing clinical performance.

There has been exponential increase in data base of medical principles and parameters which is certainly beyond human grapplability and hence perfected professional performance.

Such a support system will open a new era of professional knowledge applicability for objective diagnosing and replacing old methodology of perceptional diagnosing (which has been flawfull contributory to causing killer erros which are a GRAVE human concern-in terms of human mortality/morbidity and loss of resources to the tune of billions of dollars in global context.

The information contained in this compilation will constitute regular refresher/reminder of clinical parameters: contributing to better performance through its day to day utilization .Utilizable by medical professionals at all levels i.e GP,s Medical Specialists, Superspecialists Medical teachers, Medical students at all levels, and in Medical libraries etc.let us serve our human beings with present day medical IT applications which were never available in pre computer era.

Medical Utilities

Minimizing errors in decision making through objectivity & interactivity- running across millions of permutations /combinations of disease parameters - of global occurrence.

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